Fundraising at Work

Fundraising at work is often tremendously successful – you have a captive audience who will welcome any change to a monotonous work day. To make the most of your fundraising at work, try out these ideas:

Easy Work Fundraising Ideas

Sometimes the simplest ideas at the best ones. There are many fundraising ideas that take only a few hours (or less) to prepare.

  • Donation bucket – Walk around the office and tell your work colleagues about your fundraising cause. Many will give on the spot donations.
  • Dress down day – Hold a special themed day for your charity or cause. Workers pay a small amount (usually £1) so they can wear casual clothes or a costume to work. If you work in a customer-facing environment, this is also a great conversation starter throughout the day.
  • Charity raffleSell raffle tickets and give away a nice prize. You can theme your raffle – such as giving away a giant chocolate Easter egg, or Christmas-themed prizes – or just reward the winner with something cool like a gift certificate, bath set or tickets to a show.

Fun Work Fundraising Ideas

Simple isn’t always better – these fun fundraising ideas will help break up a boring workday:

  • Dunk the bossRent a dunk tank from a party company and charge a fee for each throw. Put your most-beloved manager on the hot seat and watch the money come flying in.
  • Sponsored activity – Choose a sponsored activity that will have your colleagues laughing. Popular ideas include sponsored wax and baked bean boots.
  • Costume contest – Have everyone in your office pay £1 to dress up in a crazy outfit. Award prizes to the best-dressed. You can even have a runway fashion show at lunch hour.

Work Fundraising for Smaller Companies

For companies with only a few employees, holding a charity day at your workplace can still bring in lots of money for your cause; you just have to be a little more creative and try to get your customers involved too.

As a small business, supporting a charity is a great opportunity to get involved in your community and also raise money for a good cause.

The best way for small businesses to fundraise is to pick an idea that is related to your business. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner, you already have the perfect space to hold a charity dinner or charity dance. Media companies and offices can also use their resources to raise money, by creating a fundraising website or online appeal, printing flyers or doing telephone fundraising.

Final Advice for Work Fundraisers

Fundraising at work can be a lot of fun, but make sure you get the proper permissions first. If you work for the government or a large corporation, they may already have a list of charities that they will support during work hours. You will need to check and make sure you can hold a fundraiser at your workplace if your charity event doesn’t meet their guidelines.

Also, keep your boss well-informed of what you’re planning. They will most likely be fine with it, but no one wants to show up to work dressed in a silly outfit, only to find out that none of the managers knew it was going to happen!

Finally, remember why you’re doing this. Have fun, make your co-workers smile, and raise money for a good cause too.


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