Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are a popular way of discovering new favourite vintages. Why not have one that serves your good cause too? Here is how to organise a charity wine tasting.

Preparing for the Event

  • Find your wines. Ask a liqueur store or winery if they are willing to donate the wines or give you a discount. Four to six different types are enough. You’ll also need water and bread so tasters can clean their palate in between.
  • Find a suitable location. A winery would be perfect, but any comfortable place that allows alcohol on the premises works – for example, a hotel seminar room, your local town hall – or your group’s regular meeting venue!
  • Fix a participation fee. Take care that it covers your cost as well as raising a surplus for your charity, but is not so expensive as to be deterring (let the average cost for wine tastings in your area be your guide). Or ask for donations on location. You can also combine both options.
  • Advertise! Inform the local newspaper, send out invitations and/or use flyers and posters to attract attendants. If space and wine are limited, you may want to ask participants to register in advance.

On the Day of the Wine Tasting

  • Prepare pens and paper for tasting notes – and don’t forget to prepare a (short) presentation about where the money goes!
  • Last but not least, you will need a moderator. For an informal tasting, this does not have to be a professional sommelier – just somebody to present the wines and guide the participants as they pay attention to the wines’ appearance, aroma, taste and aftertaste.

With these preliminaries taken care of, it’s time to savour the good wines – and your good deed. Cheers!