Tuck Shop

Everyone loves a sweet treat or a savoury snack, and doesn’t everything taste better when you haven’t had to make it yourself?

Setting up a tuck shop is quick and easy. Ask some of your friends or family to make some delicious snacks, buy some in bulk at your local cash-and-carry or ask for baked good donations from colleagues (or even your local bakery) and start selling.

For students, ask your head teacher if you can use a classroom during break time, or at work ask your boss if you can utilise the tea room. You’ll have fun watching the food disappear as the donations rise!

See also: Bake sale


  1. georgia says:

    i am trying to raise some money for my scout group to build a new hut. I am going to try this at the weekend hoping to raise about £50. can’t wait!! scouts will really appriceate it. if anyone has any other ideas for simple fundraising please email me.

  2. michelle lee says:

    need ideas to fund raise for our local football club cos they are struggling to survive at the moment!!!