Recycling Drive

Recycle drives are perfect for schools or businesses as a group activity. Everyone can get involved with small or large donations, and with no outright costs being placed on the contributor.

Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Corporate fundraising has many facets – large companies with large resources can raise money for a good cause and also raise their standing in the community. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved, which is why corporate fundraising is so popular. Find out how to run a successful, large-scale fundraiser with these corporate fundraising ideas.

Fundraising at Work

Fundraising at work is often tremendously successful – you have a captive audience who will welcome any change to a monotonous work day. To make the most of your fundraising at work, try out these work fundraising ideas.

Tuck Shop

Everyone loves a sweet treat or a savoury snack, and doesn’t everything taste better when you haven’t had to make it yourself? Setting up a tuck shop is quick and easy. Ask some of your friends or family to make some delicious snacks, buy some in bulk at your local cash-and-carry or ask for baked […]

Dunk Tank Fundraiser

Everyone wants to see their teacher, boss or parent get dunked, don’t they? So why not set up a dunk tank and charge a small amount to dunk the person of your choice. This can, of course, be part of a “fun day” of activities. Get your office, school and friends involved; more people getting […]