Funny Fundraising Ideas

It’s definitely true to say the more fun your money-raising event is, the more successful it will be. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, though – simply adding a new twist to a traditional fundraising activity can make all the difference.

Eating Contest

How many hot dogs can you get through in 5 minutes? Why not put on a charity eating contest and find out?

Baked Bean Bath

Get creative, get messy and raise lots of money! Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Baked Bean Boots

It’s a classic fundraiser: Getting people to sponsor you to walk around all day in a pair of boots filled with baked beans. You may come out of it with orange feet and some very smelly baked beans, but you’ll also have boots full of money for your chosen charity. This is an ideal sponsored […]

Bad Hair Day

It’s everybody’s nightmare… but what if you were doing it for charity fundraising. Wouldn’t it be worth it? Get your school, workplace, friends or colleagues involved and have one big, bad hair day event. Accept donations to dare you to have the wackiest hair, or collect ongoing donations to keep it going over a number […]

Fun Fundraising Ideas

Bringing in money for a good cause isn’t just about raising funds; it’s about fun too. Fun fundraising ideas are engaging for fundraisers, donors and the charities they support. Put the fun back into “fundraising” with these great ideas.

Wacky & Creative Fundraising Ideas

Don’t settle for the same old candy sales or donation buckets. Add some pizazz to your charity or special cause with these silly and creative fundraising ideas.

Swear Box

Do your colleagues not know how to hold their tongues? Does your better half like to berate their beloved football team while watching Match of the Day? Make money for your cause by introducing a swear box. Culprits pay a small amount each time they mention any taboo words.