Fortune Telling

Do you go by the pseudonym of Psychic Sally or Telepathic Tom? If so then this may be the opportunity you’ve foreseen to make big money for a charity close to your heart.

“Learn a New Skill” Day

Put on a “learn a new skill day” at your school or workplace to raise money for a worthy cause. All you need are a few volunteers, some posters advertising your event, and a venue to showcase everyone’s skills.

Photography Exhibition

All you need is a good photographer, an exhibition space — preferably donated for the evening — and guests. Pick your best photographs and put them on show for everyone to see (and hopefully purchase). All donations to go to the charity of your choice!

Street Choir

Whether you play instruments or sing a capella, more voices are better than one! Get a few of your friends together and form a street choir to raise funds for your charity or cause.

Battle of the Bands

Do you fancy yourself as the next Paul McCartney, Justin Timberlake or Jedward? Get your friends together and have a Battle of the Bands – one night of amped up musical competition where the real winner is your chosen charity. Invite your friends, neighbours, family and colleagues and put on a show of pure energy. […]

Skills Auction

You can make some money for the charity of your choice by taking your skills and selling them to your friends, family, school or work colleagues. Are you a trained masseuse? Can you bake the perfect cake? Are you good at fitness and sport? Auction off your chosen skill and watch while a bidding war […]

Personal Shopper Service

We all know someone who doesn’t like to go shopping, doesn’t have the time or energy or is unable to get out to the shops. Earn money for your cause by setting up your own personal shopper service. Do someone’s grocery shopping, run their errands or just accompany them around town… all for a small […]

Perform Magic Tricks

Are you full of magical energy? A master of illusion? Is there a mystical performer just waiting to break out? If so, put on a show, involve your audience and put some magic in the air. Ask for a small donation from each guest at the show or charge per trick. You can even perform […]

Odd Jobs

There’s a handyman (or woman) in all of us! What better way is there to make some money for your favourite charity than by helping people with those jobs they can’t or won’t do themselves? Set a small charge per job and offer your services around your neighbourhood, to friends, family, work colleagues or even […]


Raise your voice in song and raise some funds for your favourite charity too.