Charity Parachute Jump

Whether you are a seasoned thrill-seeker or you just want to try it just once: If you’ve always wanted to try parachute jumping, why not turn it into a charity event? Spectacular activities are bound to raise awareness as well as funds for your good cause if turn them into a sponsored spectacle.

Kids Sports Day

If you’re looking for a way to entertain the kids in summer as well as having them raise money for charity then look no further! A kids sports day is a fun-filled family event that will keep the kids engaged for hours.

Club Fundraising Ideas

From sporting teams to craft circles, fundraising is a very popular activity for clubs. Find out how to raise funds for your club or a charity of your club’s choosing with these great club fundraising ideas.

Sponsored Swim

Can you swim the English Channel with its strong currents and freezing waters? It’s great if you can and it would make a lot of money for charity, especially with all of the publicity you would get. However, you don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer to take part in a sponsored swim.

Charity Bike Ride

A charity bike ride is an excellent way to raise money for your charity, whilst involving people of all age groups and fitness levels.

Charity Skydive

Fundraisers looking for an extreme way to raise money for a good cause will find that charity skydiving is as real as it gets. Acrophobes need not apply. How to Organise a Charity Skydive Take donations from your family, friends and colleagues, with a promise to jump out of a perfectly good airplane when you […]

Charity Abseil

Throwing yourself off the side of a bridge, wall or mountain isn’t everybody’s idea of fun. But for those of you who like an adrenaline rush, a charity abseil is the perfect way to fundraise. Get your friends, neighbours and work colleagues to sponsor you for the abseil and make sure you coerce some of […]

“Meet a Celebrity” Night

Who wouldn’t pay a few quid to meet their favourite star? Arrange for a celebrity, TV personality and/or local personalities to support your charity by providing some of their time to meet and greet their fans. You can charge each person for entry to the event and take donations for photographs, autographs or an exclusive […]

Golf Tournament

If you know your iron from your putter then why not organise a golf tournament? Get your local course to donate the course for the day and find some willing golfers who know how to handle a club. If you don’t know any golfers then put an advert in your local free newspaper or ask […]

Charity Race

Whether you run for fitness, for the love of running or so you can have that extra piece of cake tonight, a race is a perfect way to collect those pennies for the charity of your choice. You can run in a pre-arranged race, such as the London Marathon – choosing your specific charity to […]