Skill Games

Who doesn’t like to hook the duck, shoot the target, score a goal or dunk a basketball; break some plates, pop some balloons or bob for apples? It gets even better when you get a prize for it. Skill games are a great way of fundraising for a good cause while having some good, competitive fun!

Lucky Dip

Ask for donations of items that could be used in a lucky dip. This could be anything from a make-your-own-airplane set to a mug or teddy bear. Place all of the items in a decorated box (covered so no one can see what’s inside) and charge a small donation for each person that plucks a […]


A tombola is a type of lottery in which tickets are drawn from a revolving drum. Every ticket has an equal chance of winning the draw. Prizes are often split 50/50 between the winner and the charity, or for a stated cash prize. Please note that all lotteries, including tombolas, are regulated by gambling laws. […]


A lottery is a great way to make some money for a worthwhile cause and also put a smile on someone’s face with a cash prize. Pick up some numbered balls or numbered pieces of paper, put them in a revolving tub and ask someone to start picking 6 numbers. Sell lottery cards where each […]