Charity Parachute Jump

Whether you are a seasoned thrill-seeker or you just want to try it just once: If you’ve always wanted to try parachute jumping, why not turn it into a charity event? Spectacular activities are bound to raise awareness as well as funds for your good cause if turn them into a sponsored spectacle.

Wheelbarrow Race

This is an ideal event to be added to a kids’ sports day. It’s energetic, fun, inexpensive and will get everybody involved.


A carnival is a big undertaking, but once it’s up and running the fun (and fundraising) just keeps coming!


A fete is an ideal charity fundraising event for the summer. All you need is an outdoor space, some willing volunteers and lots of guests. A fete is a combination of a festival and a carnival, with food, games and stalls selling handmade items. Find vendors by travelling to other local fairs and festivals, and […]

Charity Skydive

Fundraisers looking for an extreme way to raise money for a good cause will find that charity skydiving is as real as it gets. Acrophobes need not apply. How to Organise a Charity Skydive Take donations from your family, friends and colleagues, with a promise to jump out of a perfectly good airplane when you […]

Charity Abseil

Throwing yourself off the side of a bridge, wall or mountain isn’t everybody’s idea of fun. But for those of you who like an adrenaline rush, a charity abseil is the perfect way to fundraise. Get your friends, neighbours and work colleagues to sponsor you for the abseil and make sure you coerce some of […]