Street Fundraising Ideas

Street fundraising is often the simplest and fastest way to gain donations and is a great way to increase the visibility of your chosen charity.

Club Fundraising Ideas

From sporting teams to craft circles, fundraising is a very popular activity for clubs. Find out how to raise funds for your club or a charity of your club’s choosing with these great club fundraising ideas.

Coffee Morning

A coffee morning is a great idea to raise money for charity while doing something everyone loves: Eating, drinking and having a chat! It’s best for a large group of people, either held at work, school or possibly in your local community hall. Sell tea, coffee and small baked items and watch your charity fund […]

Odd Jobs

There’s a handyman (or woman) in all of us! What better way is there to make some money for your favourite charity than by helping people with those jobs they can’t or won’t do themselves? Set a small charge per job and offer your services around your neighbourhood, to friends, family, work colleagues or even […]

Donation Bucket

Take a donation bucket around school and work to collect for your favourite charity. You can also collect in your local area, on the high street, in supermarkets or shopping malls. Nowhere is out of bounds as long as you have the correct permissions. It’s also a good idea to give out charity leaflets to […]

Dog Walking

Utilise your free time to make some cash for your charity by walking dogs for your friends, family and neighbours. You can even get your friends involved. Just send out some flyers watch the bookings start rolling in. Please remember to be considerate of your community and ensure you have the correct tools to dispense […]

Car Wash

Get your neighbours’, co-workers’ and friends’ cars shiny and clean, all in the name of charity.

Car Boot Sale

Love to haggle? Hold a car boot sale with the proceeds going to your club, charity or non-profit group.

Family Fundraising Ideas

They say charity begins at home, so why not get your whole family involved in fundraising for a worthy cause? Kids and adults of all ages can play a role in these family fundraising ideas.

Community Fundraising Ideas

Get your neighbours involved in fundraising with these great community fundraising ideas.