Kids Fundraising Ideas

Kids love taking part in fundraising activities. They’re often eager to take responsibility! So if you’re working with children and need to raise money, don’t think they’re too young to help. Get them involved and you’ll see them surpass themselves in order to make your fundraiser a success.

Wheelbarrow Race

This is an ideal event to be added to a kids’ sports day. It’s energetic, fun, inexpensive and will get everybody involved.

Kids Sports Day

If you’re looking for a way to entertain the kids in summer as well as having them raise money for charity then look no further! A kids sports day is a fun-filled family event that will keep the kids engaged for hours.

School Fundraising Ideas

Whether you’re raising money directly for your school or your school is supporting a charity, get your fundraising off to a great start with these school fundraising ideas.

Perform Magic Tricks

Are you full of magical energy? A master of illusion? Is there a mystical performer just waiting to break out? If so, put on a show, involve your audience and put some magic in the air. Ask for a small donation from each guest at the show or charge per trick. You can even perform […]

Family Fundraising Ideas

They say charity begins at home, so why not get your whole family involved in fundraising for a worthy cause? Kids and adults of all ages can play a role in these family fundraising ideas.

Kids Fundraising Ideas for School Holidays

It’s never too early to start volunteering and helping charities. Make the most of your kids’ time at home over the school holidays by helping them fundraise for a charity or cause of their choice.