Casino Night

Put on your best tuxedo, pour the martinis (shaken, not stirred) and get set to play the high stakes! Of course the house always wins; however, in this case “the house” is your chosen charity, so you really won’t mind. Casino nights are a great way of combining fun with fundraising. Choose a variety of […]

Bingo Night

It’s not just for your Aunt Sheila and her knitting group! Bingo Night can be energetic, extremely funny, loud, lucrative and fun for all the family. Charge each guest for a bingo card and put some of the money towards a prize fund, with the rest going to charity. Charge for refreshments and start shouting […]


What can we say about the much-loved raffle? Whether it’s a way to get rid of that Rudolph sweater that grandma gave you for Christmas or you’re a generous soul with the latest gadget to donate, everyone loves a raffle. Get together your friends, family, work colleagues and local businesses, ask them to donate prizes […]

Lucky Dip

Ask for donations of items that could be used in a lucky dip. This could be anything from a make-your-own-airplane set to a mug or teddy bear. Place all of the items in a decorated box (covered so no one can see what’s inside) and charge a small donation for each person that plucks a […]


A tombola is a type of lottery in which tickets are drawn from a revolving drum. Every ticket has an equal chance of winning the draw. Prizes are often split 50/50 between the winner and the charity, or for a stated cash prize. Please note that all lotteries, including tombolas, are regulated by gambling laws. […]


A lottery is a great way to make some money for a worthwhile cause and also put a smile on someone’s face with a cash prize. Pick up some numbered balls or numbered pieces of paper, put them in a revolving tub and ask someone to start picking 6 numbers. Sell lottery cards where each […]