Kids Fundraising Ideas

Kids love taking part in fundraising activities. They’re often eager to take responsibility! So if you’re working with children and need to raise money, don’t think they’re too young to help. Get them involved and you’ll see them surpass themselves in order to make your fundraiser a success.

Odd Jobs

There’s a handyman (or woman) in all of us! What better way is there to make some money for your favourite charity than by helping people with those jobs they can’t or won’t do themselves? Set a small charge per job and offer your services around your neighbourhood, to friends, family, work colleagues or even […]

Dunk Tank Fundraiser

Everyone wants to see their teacher, boss or parent get dunked, don’t they? So why not set up a dunk tank and charge a small amount to dunk the person of your choice. This can, of course, be part of a “fun day” of activities. Get your office, school and friends involved; more people getting […]

Family Fundraising Ideas

They say charity begins at home, so why not get your whole family involved in fundraising for a worthy cause? Kids and adults of all ages can play a role in these family fundraising ideas.

Kids Fundraising Ideas for School Holidays

It’s never too early to start volunteering and helping charities. Make the most of your kids’ time at home over the school holidays by helping them fundraise for a charity or cause of their choice.