A carnival is a big undertaking, but once it’s up and running the fun (and fundraising) just keeps coming!


A fete is an ideal charity fundraising event for the summer. All you need is an outdoor space, some willing volunteers and lots of guests. A fete is a combination of a festival and a carnival, with food, games and stalls selling handmade items. Find vendors by travelling to other local fairs and festivals, and […]

Craft Fair

A craft fair is an ideal way to fundraise for your chosen charity. Either get together with a few others and put on your own fair at a local community hall or village centre, or go along to a local market/fair and set up your stall. Whatever you can do, whether it’s making homemade Christmas […]

Kissing Booth

Show some affection and set up your very own kissing booth. Stock up on lip balm, charge a small amount and wait for your very own Prince or Princess Charming to come along. (We can’t promise true love; however, we are sure your chosen charity will be overjoyed with your effort.) Kissing booths are a […]

Face Painting

If you’re good with a paint brush and have an artistic flare then why not set up a face painting booth? Take a small donation to create some weird and wonderful images on the faces of the young and old alike… there’s no age limit on charity! You can do this in your neighbourhood or […]

Dunk Tank Fundraiser

Everyone wants to see their teacher, boss or parent get dunked, don’t they? So why not set up a dunk tank and charge a small amount to dunk the person of your choice. This can, of course, be part of a “fun day” of activities. Get your office, school and friends involved; more people getting […]

Donation Bucket

Take a donation bucket around school and work to collect for your favourite charity. You can also collect in your local area, on the high street, in supermarkets or shopping malls. Nowhere is out of bounds as long as you have the correct permissions. It’s also a good idea to give out charity leaflets to […]