Silent Auction

As a less noisy, less competitive variant of the traditional auction, a silent auction can be added even to high-key events like a charity ball.

Children in Need Fundraising Ideas

As one of Britain’s highest-profile charities, Children in Need and its annual BBC telethon have inspired some pretty ambitious fundraising escapades. What will you come up with? It’s such a well-known and well-loved one that you’re sure to have people reaching into their pockets!

Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are a popular way of discovering new favourite vintages. Why not have one that serves your good cause too? Here is how to organise a charity wine tasting.

Non Profit Fundraiser Ideas

With public funds for social projects sparse and a lack of generated income, non-profit organisations tend to be in frequent need of fundraising. Fortunately, many fundraising ideas do not require a great deal of advance money – only some organisational talent and, of course, volunteers!

Fundraising Events

It’s not always easy to decide on the ideal fundraising event for your group or charity. There are so many great ideas around that you may not know which one to pick! Let’s look at what you should keep in mind when planning a new fundraising event.

Charity Ball

Sponsor an evening to remember by holding a charity ball. Then charge each person to attend, and use your PR skills to get a celebrity guest too. It’s sure to be an evening to remember.

Pamper Day

A pamper day is a great way of giving to charity. Combine that with a massage, foot rub and facial and you’ve got a recipe for success!

Kids Sports Day

If you’re looking for a way to entertain the kids in summer as well as having them raise money for charity then look no further! A kids sports day is a fun-filled family event that will keep the kids engaged for hours.

Halloween Party

Halloween parties have been going on for hundreds of years in many forms and now’s your chance to scare everyone into handing over their hard-earned cash to help a worthwhile cause.

“Learn a New Skill” Day

Put on a “learn a new skill day” at your school or workplace to raise money for a worthy cause. All you need are a few volunteers, some posters advertising your event, and a venue to showcase everyone’s skills.