Easter Egg Roll

In the United Kingdom, the tradition of rolling hard-boiled decorated eggs down grassy hills goes back hundreds of years, and is still carried out today. Traditionally the eggs would then be eaten on Easter Sunday… However, we don’t suggest you do this today! Show your guests how to have an egg-tremely good time by hosting […]

Easter Egg Hunt

Who doesn’t love Easter fundraising? Chocolate eggs, the Easter bunny and a fantastic way to have a great spring day out while making money for a good cause. Buy or have donated some small Easter eggs and then place them around your chosen area, such as a park. Charge a small fee per participant and give […]

Egg and Spoon Race

Who doesn’t remember sports day at school? The egg and spoon race usually came after the wheelbarrow race, and tested your nerves and steadiness even more than the three-legged race. This can be part of a “sports day” or Easter-themed fundraising event. All you need are some spoons, uncooked eggs (this makes it more fun!) […]