Funny Fundraising Ideas

It’s definitely true to say the more fun your money-raising event is, the more successful it will be. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, though – simply adding a new twist to a traditional fundraising activity can make all the difference.

Fundraising Cards

Greeting cards are something which everyone needs, and the idea of purchasing something you need while also contributing to a good cause is very appealing to most people.

School Tea Towel Fundraiser

Tea towels are a popular and time-tested fundraiser. They are ideal for schools, children’s groups or clubs that need to raise money.

Sponsored Event

Sponsored events are some of the most popular charity fundraising ideas. From round-the-world treks to a day of famine, sponsored events offer donors the opportunity to pick a donation level that suits their budget, whilst also raising a lot of money for the participant’s charity or cause.

Fun Fundraising Ideas

Bringing in money for a good cause isn’t just about raising funds; it’s about fun too. Fun fundraising ideas are engaging for fundraisers, donors and the charities they support. Put the fun back into “fundraising” with these great ideas.

Wacky & Creative Fundraising Ideas

Don’t settle for the same old candy sales or donation buckets. Add some pizazz to your charity or special cause with these silly and creative fundraising ideas.

Sell Calendars

Can you take the perfect photograph or paint the perfect picture? Do you know someone who can? Making and selling a calendar is a great way to make money for your charity while giving a beautiful, year-long wall or door hanging.  The topics are endless from landscapes to skylines to the well-loved animal calendar!