Charity Ball

Sponsor an evening to remember by holding a charity ball. Then charge each person to attend, and use your PR skills to get a celebrity guest too. It’s sure to be an evening to remember.

Photography Exhibition

All you need is a good photographer, an exhibition space — preferably donated for the evening — and guests. Pick your best photographs and put them on show for everyone to see (and hopefully purchase). All donations to go to the charity of your choice!


Karaoke is loved all over the world. Use this enthusiasm to your benefit and make some money for your chosen charity. All you need is a karaoke machine — which can be rented or purchased — a pile of CDs and some eager volunteers.

Charity Fashion Show

Fashion can be costly… but not if you do it the fundraising way. A fashion show is fun, inventive and a fabulous way of making some well-needed money for your charity.

Street Choir

Whether you play instruments or sing a capella, more voices are better than one! Get a few of your friends together and form a street choir to raise funds for your charity or cause.

Charity Concert

A charity concert is a fantastic way of raising money for a good cause and giving people a great night of entertainment. Get together some good local bands (check out the local clubs or entertainment section of the newspaper for bands that play in your area) and put on a charity concert. You could even […]

Battle of the Bands

Do you fancy yourself as the next Paul McCartney, Justin Timberlake or Jedward? Get your friends together and have a Battle of the Bands – one night of amped up musical competition where the real winner is your chosen charity. Invite your friends, neighbours, family and colleagues and put on a show of pure energy. […]

Art Gallery Showing

If you’re the next Picasso or even the next Banksy then you could be putting your talent to good use for charity. Putting on a show doesn’t have to be difficult. Ask at your local art gallery and if they know it’s for charity they may let you use the premises for a few hours. […]

Create and Sell a CD

Charity singles are very popular. Put your talent to good use and make a CD single or album for charity. Get your friends in on the act and generate some cash for the charity of your choice. You can sell the CDs in work, school, at a car boot sale or on an Internet site […]


Make the most of the season and the most of those vocal chords! Get a group of friends or family together and go around your neighbourhood singing carols for charity. See also: Christmas fundraising ideas