Fundraising Cards

Greeting cards are something which everyone needs, and the idea of purchasing something you need while also contributing to a good cause is very appealing to most people.

Charity Lanyards

Lanyards are hip and practical. Have you ever considered creating your very own charity lanyards?

Photography Exhibition

All you need is a good photographer, an exhibition space — preferably donated for the evening — and guests. Pick your best photographs and put them on show for everyone to see (and hopefully purchase). All donations to go to the charity of your choice!

Charity Ribbons

Most charities have awareness ribbons these days, which come in a specific colour to represent a particular cause. This is an inexpensive, easy and quick way to get involved and make some money for the charity of your choice.

Sell Handmade Items

Whether you draw, paint, knit, sew, woodwork or do something else, put your talent to good use by selling handmade items for your charity.


A fete is an ideal charity fundraising event for the summer. All you need is an outdoor space, some willing volunteers and lots of guests. A fete is a combination of a festival and a carnival, with food, games and stalls selling handmade items. Find vendors by travelling to other local fairs and festivals, and […]

Craft Fair

A craft fair is an ideal way to fundraise for your chosen charity. Either get together with a few others and put on your own fair at a local community hall or village centre, or go along to a local market/fair and set up your stall. Whatever you can do, whether it’s making homemade Christmas […]

Art Gallery Showing

If you’re the next Picasso or even the next Banksy then you could be putting your talent to good use for charity. Putting on a show doesn’t have to be difficult. Ask at your local art gallery and if they know it’s for charity they may let you use the premises for a few hours. […]

Sell Crafts

Make the most of your hobbies and earn money for your cause at the same time! Many of us are able to create something, ranging from baked goods to hand-made fudge; floral designs to paintings and drawings. Whatever your skill, whatever your hobby, if it can be made, it can be sold for charity. Most […]

Sell Calendars

Can you take the perfect photograph or paint the perfect picture? Do you know someone who can? Making and selling a calendar is a great way to make money for your charity while giving a beautiful, year-long wall or door hanging.  The topics are endless from landscapes to skylines to the well-loved animal calendar!