Skill Games

Skill games are a great way of fundraising for a good cause while having some good, competitive fun!

Who doesn’t like to hook the duck, shoot the target, score a goal or dunk a basketball; break some plates, pop some balloons or bob for apples? It gets even better when you get a prize for it.

First you need to hire a stall at a carnival, festival or car boot sale. If you speak to the organiser and explain that you are doing it for charity, they may give you the space free of charge for a few hours.

You then need to get your friends, neighbours and colleagues involved in donating items that can be used as prizes. You could also contact local business and see if they will contribute by donating prizes, or purchase some inexpensive prizes from a shop.

Once you have your stall and prizes, you need to decide what games you want to set up, and then get the necessary materials such as balloons, plastic ducks, balls, apples, etc. These can be bought very cheaply from local stores, or again could be donations from local businesses. Then you’re ready to go!

Charge a small fee per game and watch how competition makes people come back time and time again. Use your best carny voice to really draw the punters in. Soon you’ll have a big cheque ready for donating to your chosen charity.