School Tea Towel Fundraiser

Tea towels are a popular and time-tested fundraiser. They are ideal for schools, children’s groups or clubs that need to raise money.

Tea Towel Fundraising Basics

Why are tea towels such an excellent method of fundraising? For one thing, it’s hard for parents to resist an item featuring their children’s artwork, and they often want to give them out as gifts as well. Also, the tea towels can be themed to different holidays and times of year, meaning that continued such sales can be repeated.

Finally, they are a functional item that everyone needs. It’s also a project in which the students can feel pride, as they participate in the final product, and they enjoy creating the art which is featured on the tea towels.

Tea Towel Companies

There are many companies that specialize in providing the tea towels to the schools for sale.

The process is fairly simple: once you have chosen the company, they will provide you with a kit on which the children can draw their art. You send back the art, along with other details needed, such as the school logo. The art is incorporated into the design of the tea towel.

In addition, the company will allow you to choose from a number of borders fitting different themes, such as sports or holidays or animals. Some of the tea towels also feature calendars.

It’s Tea Towel Time!

Once your school approves the final design (some companies require parental approval as well), the company will provide you with the tea towels–generally one per child in the first order.

Once the parents have purchased the towels, they will be able to order extra tea towels to give as gifts to grandparents, friends or relatives. You can also create bulk tea towels orders to sell in local shops to benefit your school or group.