Recycling Drive

Recycle drives are perfect for schools or businesses as a group activity. Everyone can get involved with small or large donations, and with no outright costs being placed on the contributor.

How to Hold a Recycling Drive

Get everyone in your class, school or workplace to bring in old, used and unwanted mobile phones, printer toner, ink cartridges and even computers. For schools and businesses this is a great opportunity to donate large quantities of equipment that would otherwise be thrown away.

Once you have collected your bounty of recycling, take it down to a local recycling company who will either pay the charity directly for your donations or they will pay the individual, school or business, who can then pass the money onto the charity.

If you are going to be making large donations it is always advisable to contact the recycling centre first by telephone or pop down and speak to someone at the centre to make arrangements for the donation to be made. Some recycling businesses will also allow you to post smaller items –such as ink cartridges and mobile phones — to a Freepost address.