Puz Quiz

Do you go weak at the knees when you hear obscure trivia? You can raise loads of money for charity by holding a pub quiz, and show off your trivia talents at the same time.

Take entry fees from individuals or teams who want to enter the competition. This can be used as prize money — for example, by taking a 50/50 split with the charity — or to purchase a great prize for the winner(s).

Mix up your pub quiz by changing the format and making it more engaging. Instead of using paper answer sheets, have teams buzz in with correct answers. This will draw a crowd, who may also donate to your cause. Trivia questions can be standard quiz fare, or related to a particular subject. For example, a sport-themed pub quiz is perfect for a team fundraiser.

Ask your local pub to get involved in supporting your local charity. You can take a share of the drink sales sold during the event, or get their help with publicity. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask!