“Meet a Celebrity” Night

Who wouldn’t pay a few quid to meet their favourite star? Arrange for a celebrity, TV personality and/or local personalities to support your charity by providing some of their time to meet and greet their fans. You can charge each person for entry to the event and take donations for photographs, autographs or an exclusive dinner.

You may need to get in touch with the celebrity’s agent and it may take a while, but don’t be disheartened. With some patience, you’ll find a celeb willing to support your fundraising cause!


  1. brad mullins says:

    but how would you get the celebritys agents number?

  2. Find out who represents them either by Googling for news stories or contacting the team/show/whatever they work for. Sites like contactanycelebrity.com also have lists of agents.

  3. tia-louise laycock says:

    how do you get intouch with the agent?