Halloween Party

Fright night is here and it’s time to get spooky!

Halloween parties have been going on for hundreds of years in many forms and now’s your chance to scare everyone into handing over their hard-earned cash to help a worthwhile cause.

A Halloween party can be done on a small-scale — hosted from your own home — or a large-scale by hiring out a hall. (You could also get space in a pub, club or community hall donated.)

Halloween Party Games

Games like apple bobbing are great for Halloween parties. The water can be dyed black with food colouring and plastic spiders and snakes can be placed among the apples. Will you bag a trick or a treat?

Have a costume competition too. Will Spider Man beat Count Dracula? Will a witch cast a spell on the Devil? Only you can decide.

Halloween Party Food

There are so many food options for a Halloween party:

  • Bubbling pumpkin and frogs eyes (Brussels sprouts) soup
  • Chocolate cake with rat droppings (raisins)
  • Ghoul-ash!

Fundraising at a Halloween Party

All of these things can be charged for. A small fee per food item, per game played or entry into the best costume competition. Alternatively, you can charge a slightly higher entry fee and include everything at the party for one flat price.