Fortune Telling

Do you go by the pseudonym of Psychic Sally or Telepathic Tom? If so then this may be the opportunity you’ve foreseen to make big money for a charity close to your heart.

Of course it’s for fun and no one is expecting you to really tell them next week’s lottery numbers… are they?

Fortune telling for charity is an excellent addition to a larger event like a carnival or street party. All you need is a willing “psychic”, a stylish tea towel or other adornment for your head, some tarot cards and a crystal ball, which I’m sure everyone has lying around the house!

Charge people per reading, which should last around 5 minutes per person. Everyone knows it’s fun and for charity so just let it flow. Pick up on small signals and clues, such as if someone is wearing a wedding ring. Get them talking, let them give you the information without knowing it and surprise them with your “powers”.