Charity Shopping

The best part about fundraising is that it can sometimes come from unlikely places, and the easier it is for people to donate, the more likely you are to make money for your cause. According to market research group Forrester, more than half of the UK population now shops online. This is an incredible opportunity for your charity; why not take advantage?

Charity shopping portals allow shoppers to buy from popular retailers like Tesco, Toys ‘R’ Us and hundreds of other brands, and a portion of the purchase is automatically donated to your worthy cause.

How to Use a Charity Shopping Portal

Charity shopping is an easy process. If your charity is already signed up, all you have to do is use the links within the site to visit retailers and buy products. A portion of your purchase will automatically be credited to your charity.

Smaller charities and fundraising causes may not already have a presence on a shopping portal site, but they can be arranged in advance. You will need to have your registered charity number and a few details about your group. You’ll then be ready to shop for a good cause.

Best of all, it’s usually free, so your donors don’t have to do anything except shop at their favourite online stores. Your charity will accrue cashback automatically.

Shopping Fundraiser Ideas

Ideally, you should get your supporters to put all of their online sales through the same shopping portal; it keeps you organised, it doesn’t usually cost them anything, and it raises money for your charity or group.

Here are some more ideas for using a shopping portal for fundraising:

  • For school fundraising, encourage parents to buy school uniforms through a charity shopping portal. Look out for popular retailers like M&S and BHS, and your school will receive a portion of the sales.
  • Buy raffle or charity auction items through the portal. You’ll make money from your fundraising event and get cashback too!
  • Forget standing around in the snow, shaking a bucket. Promote your presence on shopping portals over the Christmas period. Many people will be happy to avoid the High Street crowds and buy online, and your cause will benefit too.

Getting Started

Whether you’re a donor or a charity, getting started is as simple as registering and going shopping. You can do it right now!