Charity Parachute Jump

Whether you are a seasoned thrill-seeker or you just want to try it just once: If you’ve always wanted to try parachute jumping, why not turn it into a charity event? Spectacular activities are bound to raise awareness as well as funds for your good cause if turn them into a sponsored spectacle.

Organising a Charity Parachute Jump

You may have to undergo some training in order to perform your parachute jump – otherwise, you will not be permitted to jump on your own. However, even a tandem jump with a licensed parachuting instructor works great as a fundraiser.

Talk to parachuting companies about different options as well as costs – if you’re lucky, they may turn into sponsors themselves! Contact other potential sponsors too to help you raise funds.

You can set a certain sum and perform your jump once that has been reached, or you can set a date and collect donations up until then. Keep a back-up plan handy in case you can’t do the jump on the day you planned due to bad weather conditions or other problems! After all, safety goes first.


In order to reach more potential sponsors, but also in order to convince sponsors that they’re really getting something for their money, make your plans public.

If you’re the blogging type, put up blog posts right from the start – announce your plan, talk about your negotiations and training, thank individual sponsors who pledge to support you, film the jump… and talk about your good cause! That way, you keep people aware and interested.

If you don’t have enough time for regular blogging, you should still keep your audience informed by giving interviews on the radio and talking to newspaper reporters.

It may appear tedious, but publicity is almost as important as the actual jump.