Charity Lanyards

Lanyards are hip and practical. Have you ever considered creating your very own charity lanyards?

Lanyard Fundraising

Lanyards are a nice promotional item that can be sold for a little extra cash.

Lanyard fundraising works best if your cause is highly identifiable so people want to show they’re affiliated with it, or if you are fundraising for a group, school or sports team. You can sell lanyards to group members and also to visitors at local fairs, charity events or games.

Bespoke Lanyards for Charity

You will need a catchy and attractive design. Maybe your group has a logo that can be printed on the lanyards – that may also take care of the choice of colours. Or maybe somebody in your group has some talent for design and is happy to help you out. You could even run a little contest among members or students to find the best design!

Don’t put too much text on the lanyards, as all major information has to be caught at a single glance. However, you should definitely include the name of your cause or charity, as well as a contact number or internet address for people who want to find out more after seeing one of your lanyards.

After all, that’s another great thing about lanyards: Like the keys and badges attached to them, they get around. So they help to spread the word about your charity!

Where to Get Custom-Made Lanyards

To make the lanyards worth buying, you will have to find a printer who offers reasonable prices for good quality; shop around and ask questions to find the best option. Don’t forget to mention your charity too, as they may offer a discount for non-profit groups.