Charity Fashion Show

Fashion can be costly… but not if you do it the fundraising way. A fashion show is fun, inventive and a fabulous way of making some well-needed money for your charity.

First of all, hire a space, or ask a local business if they can donate some space to hold the show. Get friends, family and neighbours to put on some food — a nice buffet always goes down well — and get some drinks donated from your local stores.

Get your friends and family to be the models. If you’re a good negotiator you may also be able to get a local celebrity, radio host or news reader to come along and join in. Ask local clothing businesses to donate the clothing to be modelled. This is a great way to get the materials donated while also giving something back to local business. Who wouldn’t want their products on display?

Charge an entry fee to the fashion show with all profits to be donated to your charity. You could also negotiate with the local businesses for a percentage of whatever they make from selling the clothes being modelled.