A carnival is a big undertaking, but once it’s up and running the fun just keeps coming!

Carnival Grounds

First you need a decent-sized piece of land to host your carnival. If you speak to your local council they may be able to donate a piece of land for a day or two. Alternatively speak to your local church or village hall and see if they have grounds you can use.

Rides & Stalls

Once you have the grounds you then need the rides and stalls. Rides can rented, and if you mention the charity you’re doing it for you may get a discount. Stalls can be homemade by using tables, or can be rented at affordable prices. Stalls can be manned by friends, colleagues or neighbours. Get everyone involved and make it a real community project!

The stalls can be used for games such as: hook the duck, shoot the target, break the bottles, pop the balloons and dunk the basketball. You can also set up food stalls selling real carnival food such as popcorn, hot dogs, candy floss, burgers, fries and freshly-made doughnuts.


Get friends and neighbours involved too by dressing them up as clowns, selling balloons and stuffed animals, and doing face painting. And get local businesses to donate prizes for the stalls in return for branding the stall with their business name.

With all of these suggestions on offer you’re sure to have a constant stream of visitors all willing to put their hands in their pockets for some good family fun. The best part is when you get to count the profits and hand the cheque over to your chosen charity.