Bobbing for Apples

It’s wet and it’s wild! Bobbing for apples is a fun, quick and easy way to make some money for your chosen charity. It’s best to incorporate it into a larger event like a carnival or costume contest.

Set up a large container — something like a child’s paddling pool is perfect. Fill it with water and throw in the apples. (Don’t put in too many apples at once or it will be too easy; you can always keep topping the apples up as supplies dwindle.)

If it is part of a themed party, like Halloween, then why not add some extra flavouring to the water? Throw in some black food colouring and some plastic spiders to really give your guests a fright!

Take a small amount of money for each attempt, to be given to your charity of choice.

Bobbing for apples is perfect for children and adults alike. Kids love getting wet and splashing about, especially if there’s something tasty in it for them. However, if you want to make it an adult-only party, swap out the water for an alcoholic beverage and really get the party started!