Baked Bean Bath

Get creative, get messy and raise lots of money! Who wouldn’t want to do that?

You thought baked bean boots were crazy? Ramp up your fundraising in a major way by bathing in baked beans instead.

Okay, it takes a little bit more prep than that. Aside from buying all the baked beans you can find, you’ll need to solicit donations from your friends, family and co-workers in exchange for your torture task. Like all good sponsored events, some cajoling will help your cause along. “Only 50p? I’m sitting in baked beans, mother!” should do the trick nicely. Offer a prize to the highest donor: Let them dump some beans on your head, or get their picture taken with you in the bath.

Make your bath even more creative by wearing a funny outfit, or wearing your birthday suit. Take lots of photos, a video or two, and put them up on Facebook, YouTube and anywhere else that will host your craziness. You can even call your local radio station and say, “You’ll never guess what I’m doing…” and get even more attention for your worthy fundraising cause.