Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

What can one person accomplish? Choose an individual fundraiser and find out exactly what you can do to change the world.

Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is a chore that a lot of people will be happy to let you carry out for them in return for a donation to your charity.

Funny Fundraising Ideas

It’s definitely true to say the more fun your money-raising event is, the more successful it will be. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, though – simply adding a new twist to a traditional fundraising activity can make all the difference.

Fundraising Cards

Greeting cards are something which everyone needs, and the idea of purchasing something you need while also contributing to a good cause is very appealing to most people.

School Tea Towel Fundraiser

Tea towels are a popular and time-tested fundraiser. They are ideal for schools, children’s groups or clubs that need to raise money.

Charity Parachute Jump

Whether you are a seasoned thrill-seeker or you just want to try it just once: If you’ve always wanted to try parachute jumping, why not turn it into a charity event? Spectacular activities are bound to raise awareness as well as funds for your good cause if turn them into a sponsored spectacle.

Silent Auction

As a less noisy, less competitive variant of the traditional auction, a silent auction can be added even to high-key events like a charity ball.

Children in Need Fundraising Ideas

As one of Britain’s highest-profile charities, Children in Need and its annual BBC telethon have inspired some pretty ambitious fundraising escapades. What will you come up with? It’s such a well-known and well-loved one that you’re sure to have people reaching into their pockets!

How to Fundraise

Fundraising can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be frustrating or even overwhelming. To avoid some of the typical pitfalls, here are five basic project management guidelines to keep the “fun” in your fundraising.

Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are a popular way of discovering new favourite vintages. Why not have one that serves your good cause too? Here is how to organise a charity wine tasting.