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Find and share fundraising ideas at 100FundraisingIdeas.co.uk. We have fundraising advice articles on a range of topics, including school fundraising ideas, charity fundraising events, free fundraising ideas, kids fundraising ideas, sponsored events, and more!

Who Are We?

We are two people who are passionate about fundraising, charity and green causes. Although we’re based in the UK, many of our ideas can be used and adapted worldwide, so don’t let our location fool you!

Our site is a labour of love (supported by Google ads). Unlike a lot of fundraising sites out there, we aren’t trying to sell you fundraising kits; we just want to help you get creative with your fundraising ideas.

Share Your Fundraising Ideas

100 fundraising ideas is only the beginning. Have we missed something? Tell us all about your great fundraising ideas… who knows, soon we may have to change our name to 200 Fundraising Ideas!

Want to write for us? Whether you’re a writer, blogger or just a passionate fundraiser, get in touch to find out how you can write fundraising articles for 100FundraisingIdeas.co.uk. It’s a fantastic way to give back and share your fundraising spirit with the world.